vol 5, no 2 - summer 2023

Welcome to summer!

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Welcome to Summer 2023! It’s wonderful to see so many re-openings as we stretch ourselves into this wonderful season of music, and art, and nature, and gardens, and hikes, and so much more. My best advice to you is to get your daytimer out right now, before you start reading, and be prepared to fill it up with a multitude of remarkable community events happening right here, right now. In this issue you will learn about local festivals, studio tours and art exhibitions, theatre, a starfest, classes, teardropping, barn building, and (drum roll please) free weekend bus rides to Sauble!

We’ve squeezed as much as we can into this issue; inevitably we wanted to tell you more about some things, but there just wasn’t room. So, briefly, visit choircamp.wordpress.com for details on Choir Camp 2023 (July 10-14), contact www.twigandbrindille.ca for the most amazing bouquets of grown-right-here flowers, and register now at wordsaloud.ca for the amazing Words Aloud Poetry Festival happening this fall. And have a great summer re-connecting with old favourite haunts and discovering some new ones!

- Maryann Thomas