vol 2, no 4 - summer 2021

Phew! We made it!

Download vol. 2, no. 4 - summer 2021

Phew! We made it! Preparing this issue of The Owen Sounder was fraught with the challenges of changing and confusing and sometimes counter-intuitive local, provincial, national and international COVID-19 protocols: Open? Closed? Open a little bit? Take-out? Eat outside? Pickup? Family bubbles? Work bubbles? Groups of five? Groups of ten? You know the dance!

We are delighted this issue to be introducing you to COVID cartoonist Rachel Oliver, who has been producing a cartoon every single day since March, 2020. Her acerbic wit highlights much of what we’re all experiencing. See page 19 to get your name on her distribution list.

We sincerely congratulate Summerfolk and Symphony in the Barn and SweetWater and Orchestra North and all the other organizers for tenaciously moving forward with their annual summer programs. We all need their music more than ever, and they’re working hard to make it happen someway, somehow. There’s not a lot of programming details here due to changing protocols, but we’ve provided contact information for you. Get in touch and give them all your support – financial and audience – to make sure they’re here for us in years to come.

AND, we’ve taken the huge plunge and brought back the award-winning downtown event ArtWalk! Eight galleries will have special exhibitions and demonstrations from 10 to 4 on Saturday June 26. We’ve added the Urban Sketchers Outdoor Art Competition – artists will be painting outdoors during the day (rain or shine) throughout the downtown. Programming details will be posted as they become available at the art walk urban sketchers page on Facebook.

- Maryann Thomas