vol 4, no 4 - winter 2022

Welcome to winter!

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Welcome to another issue of our combined community magazine. MOSAIC and The Owen Sounder seem to have developed some kind of relationship. As with most relationships, I have no idea how long it will last or what it might look like in the future. But, for right now, the match-up seems to be working and that’s a good thing. Print is alive and well at The Ginger Press! We are committed to words on paper.

To that end, I am very pleased to announce our 37th Annual Authors’ Open House! Who would’ve thought, all those decades ago, that such a simple idea would hold such resonance for our community. Bringing together authors and readers makes such sense and, each year, dozens of writers honour us with their presence. The 2022 Authors’ Open House will include many of our regulars: you know them well – Barry More, Joan Beecroft, Bonita Johnson de Matteis, Richard-Yves Sitoski, Richard Thomas, and Eric Zweig – as well as some newbies including Gwen Harris, Kate Russell and Ansley Simpson. We don’t have the definitive list of authors at time of publication but I assure you there will an amazing selection of writers of books for all the children, adults, and everybody in between on your gift list. And books are so easy to wrap!

I also have four more manuscripts in my computer awaiting publication. I’m keeping them a secret for now, but there may well be some new books launched at the Open House as well! Speaking of new books, did you know that we now have a nifty online course to help you self-publish yours? It was developed to answer all those questions from all those writers who stop by to learn more about how they can propel their manuscripts into finished books. The link is at www.gingerpress.com; check it out if you’re looking for a winter project and you’re ready to move your great Canadian novel forward.

Thank you as always for taking the time to read MOSAIC/The Owen Sounder. We live in such a remarkable community and it is an honour for me to gather together some of its uniqueness for you all. Thank you also to Shelley Jackson, whose remarkable design skills shine from these pages. She is the miracle worker who takes all the bits and pieces that make up the magazine, and ties them together with such skill. And of course, thanks are extended to our advertisers who, once again, have made this publication possible. Please support them, and tell them thanks for supporting us.

I wish you the very best of the holiday season and look forward to seeing you soon!

- Maryann Thomas