vol 2, no 2 - winter 2020

Moving forward with tenacity

This Owen Sounder has lots of things to do and places to go. Our stores, restaurants, services and events are adapting, altering, replacing, and reinventing constantly as we move forward with tenacity. Owen Sounders have grabbed opportunities buried in the depths of this pandemic and brought forth new ways of living and working and doing business we couldn’t have dreamed of a year ago. Yay, us!

Here at The Ginger Press, we have published more books this year than ever. The Café has temporarily transitioned into the Supper Club, and the Bookshop has reduced hours but more online ordering. What does the future hold? Who knows? But we will continue to move forward. And, okay, sometimes I make mistakes. In our last issue, I referred to the Musical Director of SweetWater as Richard Huizinga. Of course, his first name is Edwin. What was I thinking? Sorry about that, Edwin, and congrats to SweetWater for their excellent programming as part of SweetWater Surreal.

You know the drill: wash your hands; wear a mask; keep six feet apart; stay safe. But remember to reach out to friends and family, read books, write books, learn new skills, cook something different, and get outside. We will make lots of new holiday traditions this year; be sure to remind yourself of this remarkable place we live in and make this the best season you can for yourself and others.

Thank you for reading and supporting The Owen Sounder. We’ll be back in the spring (deadline for ads and articles is February 18).

In the meantime, don’t be a stranger!

- Maryann Thomas